Professional Services

We enjoy a large pool of repeat customers from a very quality and hygiene – conscious client segment. This client segment includes a number of major hospitals and five-star hotels with who we enjoy long-term cleaning contracts spanning several years.

Professional Cleaning

NERU [K] LTD has over the years built an enviable reputation in the cleaning and sanitation industry. The company enjoys a large pool of repeat customers from a very quality and hygiene- conscious client segment, made up of sophisticated, demanding, and widely traveled sections of society.

Landscaping & Ground Maintenance

NERU [K] LTD ensures that your garden and grounds are always properly maintained to the highest international standards. We undertake timely trimming of hedges, weeding of lawns, manicuring of grass lawns, watering of gardens, ground sweeping and scrubbing of concrete with soap.


Neru Kenya enjoys the advantage of manufacturing their own disinfecting products under expert considerations hence we can customize the strength of our material depending on our customer needs. We recruit and train our employees to professional standards.

Training & Consulting

We have a Human Resource Policy based on the competitive recruitment of highly skilled and qualified professionals. Our Terms of Service are designed to attract and retain the best professionals in the market.


We work with expert fumigators and are prepared to do the necessary to ensure that our customers’ environment is pest free after we are done. Our customers include learning institutions and hotels.



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